5 Ways to improve your gut health

To have good gut health means that you have a good balance of microorganisms living in your digestive tract. Having a good balance of these microorganisms is great for your overall health. They help contribute to your immunity, physical and mental health. In this blog post we have listed 5 ways to improve your overall gut health.

  1. Take probiotics 

To boost the good bacteria in the gut, often it is advised to take probiotic supplements. You can find these available in many health food stores, pharmacies and online. There has been some research that has supported the benefits of taking probiotic supplements and they have found that they prevent gut inflammation and any other intestinal problems. 

  • Eat prebiotic fibre 

In order to enhance your gut health, people often may wish to include more prebiotic-rich foods in their diet. Probiotics feed on non digestible carbohydrates called prebiotics. There this process boosts beneficial bacteria in the gut to multiply. Food that’s are rich in prebiotics are:

  • bananas 
  • chicory (inulin powder)
  • onions
  • whole grains
  • asparagus
  • Eat Less sugar and sweeteners

Eating a high amount of food that contains sugar or artificial sweeteners can cause an imbalance of gut microbes. High amount of sugars has been linked to increased inflammation in the guy. This can also cause an imbalance and increase sugar cravings and as a result of this, your gut health could be damaged further.

  • Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can help contribute to good heart health, weight maintenance and weight loss. A study in 2014, found that athletes had a larger variety of gut flora than those who weren’t athletes. However, the athletes had a different diet to those who weren’t athletes which could be a reason for the difference in gut flora. 

  • Get enough sleep

Overall sleep has many benefits for the body as we need sleep in order to function. Getting good-quality sleep can improve your mood and gut health. Studies have found when you don’t sleep enough, studies have found that sleep loss increases the toxins and inflammation in your gut. Adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Ensuring that you maintain a healthy gut will help contribute to a better overall health and immune function. This can be from lifestyle and dietary changes.  You can start by introducing our inulin powder into your diet which can purchase here. It works by promoting good bacteria in the gut. For more information on how inulin can benefit you, read our blog post here