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Complete at home Teeth Whitening kit

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All of our best-selling Teeth Whitening products bundled together for complete at-home teeth whitening and maintenance 


1x LED Teeth Whitening Kit 

Our Advanced Led Teeth Whitening Kit is gentle peroxide-free whitening with LED Technology to help you achieve, whiter, brighter teeth at home. 

1x Teeth Whitening Strips 
Developed by dentists our 14 days of teeth whitening strips, help to whiten teeth or are a great maintenance tool to keep your smile brighter for longer. 

1x Activated Charcoal Powder
Our organic Charcoal Powder polishes the teeth, naturally whitens, and helps to remove plaque for clean healthy teeth. 

1x Organic Bamboo Toothbrush
Infused with Charcoal, with fine natural bristles to clean your teeth while also helping to gently whiten.