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Pure Epsom Salts with Magnesium Sulphate | 5 Kg Pack

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Pure Epsom Salts with Magnesium Sulphates

Treat yourself to the soothing, rejuvenating qualities of Pure Epsom Salts with Magnesium Sulphate. Whether soaking your feet or immersing your whole body in a warm bath, these salts will be easily absorbed into the skin for a plethora of health benefits. 

Pure Epsom Salts with Magnesium Sulphates are great for exfoliating the skin, soothing achy muscles, smoothing out rough patches, and reducing itching and swelling. Aside from the brilliant physical effects, the magnesium ions in Epsom salts can also bolster serotonin production, reducing stress and leaving you feeling relaxed and calmer. 


  • Soothe muscle pain and aches, 
  • Provide itch relief from sunburn
  • Decrease swelling 
  • Relieve stress